Larry Pacey, President and CEO, started the company in 1969 as carburetor rebuilder. This small local operation grew quickly into National Auto Parts Warehouse selling traditional parts in South Florida. Larry’s participation in NHRA and IHRA drag racing led the company into adding performance items and National Performance Warehouse was born.

Today selling both traditional and performance parts, NPW has enjoyed stability and growth for over 40 years.

In the early 80’s, NPW saw new opportunities in the truck accessorizing market and added a new segment to its growing list of lines offered. Today NPW stocks over 600 lines from the best manufacturers in the industry and offers them competitively to jobbers, machine shops, truck accessory stores, performance specialists and other outlets who sell to consumers.

The Company prides itself on being a 3-step distributor. Meaning NPW does not sell directly to consumers or installers but sells only to wholesale outlets who in turn service consumers, dealers or installers. NPW supports its customers by helping them succeed. Many of the Company’s competitors also sell direct to consumers or installers in competition with the jobber for the same sale. NPW chooses not to compete with the customers it serves.

NPW is a founding member of the AAM Marketing Group, the PartsPro and Total Truck marketing organization that specializes in the performance and truck accessorizing areas. And on the traditional side, NPW is a member of the Aftermarket Alliance which is the Bumper to Bumper and AutoValue traditional marketing programs across the US.

Starting in 2008, the Company started on an expansion plan where NPW purchased Southern Performance in Tampa, FL. After this successful integration, the Company quickly bought Speed Warehouse with multiple California locations in 2010, Karbelt and Motor Ware- house in 2012 and CMA and Performance Warehouse’s Sacramento operation in spring 2013. The Company is aggressively pursuing other acquisition opportunities as they become available.

Looking to the future, Larry has two sons, Chris and John, who are working in the company and are following in their Dad’s footsteps and traditions. They are proving themselves to be able leaders. Both Chris and John have a love of the business and a devotion to the craft of being a distributor. The succession chain is well forged for continued success and continuity of vision at NPW for many years.

We hope you can draw the conclusion that NPW has had the foresight to adapt and change with industry and market conditions over the years. The Company’s Management and its employees look forward to meeting the challenges of tomorrow and will continue to provide the best service to its customers, partner with pre- miere suppliers, create demand and excitement for new products and stay true to its values of being a 3-step distributor.

NPW – “Selling and marketing what industry customers need and want”.